• Registration for returning families is open until February 20th
  • Registration for new families begins on or about March 1st
  • All families must submit an application with a non-refundable deposit of $150 to secure registration
  • One or both parents are expected to attend the summer parent training practicum and orientation; it is REQUIRED for School of Wisdom parents.
  • Please see (link/title) for further information on parent expectations and responsibilities.

School of Wonder Enrollment Information

  • Children ages 4 (as of September 1) through 6th grade can participate in the School of Wonder morning program.
  • Students participating in the afternoon Understanding Fundamentals program for 4th-6th grade must participate in the morning program.
  • Enrollment is closed August 1st or at the discretion of the School of Wonder coordinators.

School of Wisdom Enrollment Information

  • The School of Wisdom is for students in 7th-12th grades. Students should be 12 years old as of September 1st to begin in the School of Wisdom.
  • Incoming students should have experience with writing and be able to draft an essay on their own. We recommend and utilize the Institute for Excellence in Writing in our Understanding Fundamentals course, but other preparatory writing programs are fine.
  • New students will not be enrolled in Wisdom III or higher without prerequisite participation in Wisdom II or an equivalent program. Students must have experience with classical rhetoric (like the Lost Tools of Writing), formal logic, and introductory debate.
  • Grade levels are approximate, and it is best to enroll your student in the level for which they are prepared than their traditional grade level. The School of Wisdom coordinator and mentors are happy to help determine the best level for your student.
  • As a general rule, students in the School of Wisdom should not be enrolled in outside writing, literature, Latin, or non-complementary science coursework. (Discuss science coursework needs with the School of Wisdom coordinator. Wisdom V and VI are part time in order to allow for outside coursework)
  • A School of Wisdom parent is required to attend the summer parent training practicum.
  • Enrollment is closed July 1st.