Home-Centered Hybrid School

Paideia Classical Community is not a traditional school, meeting five days a week. Paideia and parents are accountable to one another. Paideia meets one day a week*, lays out the primary curriculum and course of study, and the discussion around the ideas studied. We provide a space for interacting with others and growing in group-centered activities. The implementation of the curriculum occurs at home where parents work with the student to continue the discussion, monitor assignments, provide accountability, and assign final grades. As possible, accommodations for a struggling learner can be made with the parent through a modified assignment plan.

We recognize in coming together we yield a portion of our independence to gain the blessing and benefits of community. The School of Wonder provides greater independence and the The School of Wisdom provides greater structure and requires greater participation and accountability. Paideia seeks to foster a diverse, supportive, and encouraging community where the body of Christ is at work through our various gifts and talents for the greater aim of providing our children a formative education.

In the spirit of partnership, parents are welcomed and encouraged to proactively and regularly communicate with their student’s mentors. Mentors are eager to provide ideas, support, and appropriate modifications to help parents and students succeed.

Paideia is not a traditional co-op or enrichment program but a university style school for homeschoolers.

Is this a drop off program?

No. Because we are a hybrid school, parents are the primary teachers and must carry out instruction within the home. Parents of School of Wonder students are required to remain onsite for the duration of the weekly meeting. Parents of School of Wisdom students are welcome to join their student’s class, but are not required to remain onsite.

Parent Duties

All parents are required to contribute to Paideia Classical Community through a cooperative responsibility. We strive to place parents in a support role fit to their desires and abilities. These include classroom instruction, administrative responsibilities, service projects, and other supportive roles.


Paideia Classical Community meets one day a week, currently Wednesdays, in Fort Collins, Colorado. The School of Wonder meets for 24 weeks with an additional 2-3 weeks of extra curricular gatherings. The School of Wisdom meets for 31 weeks (30 weeks of material and 1 week for final exams) Additionally, School of Wisdom students participate in 1 or 2 online video meetings during the week.

Is there an a la carte option for the School of Wisdom or Understanding Fundamentals?

No. Because the school of Wisdom is a comprehensive, discussion based pursuit, an a la carte or elective option is not possible. Wisdom V and VI do not include all six strands to allow those students room to complete their high school careers as needed for the student. Understanding Fundamentals is an extension of the School of Wonder, so Fundamentals students participate in both the morning and afternoon School of Wonder programs. It is possible for 4th-6th grade School of Wonder students to participate only in the morning program.


Currently the tuition and fees are: Family facility fee of $200/student with a family maximum of $500. School of Wonder morning program: $200/student (this will increase for the 2020-2021 school year). Understanding the Fundamentals of Language and Math afternoon program $200/student (this will increase for the 2020-2021 school year). School of Wisdom $700/student.


We ask parents of young children who are not enrolled in a class to either arrange personal childcare or join other Paideia parents in organizing a parent-led childcare program. Childcare is an additional and separate cost from any Paideia tuition or building fees.